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AQS DIG 100L Glazed Mural Ins Pump

AQS DIG 100L Glazed Mural Ins Pump

AQS Insuatherm AquaOne 100L Heat Pump can produce hot water up to 55 ° C with heat pump technology, which translates into a larger volume of accumulated useful hot water. In addition, its advanced controller incorporates multiple functions that allow you to adapt to the consumption habits of each user, maximizing their savings. With compact heater, in vitrified steel, condenser outside the heater, support resistance and anode of magnesium, it also has a controller with touch display and four operating modes (echo, auto, boost and disinfect). This heat pump, with a COP of 3.36, ensures a real savings of up to 75%, and is also easy to install and integrate in confined spaces.

Equipment overview
Air temperature-5|40 °C
Energy efficiency class for AQSA +
Type of heater / Capacity (Lts) / SerpentineGlazed Steel / 100 / 0
Type of UseHeating of Sanitary Waters
Coolant TypeR-134a
Electrical Specifications
Connection voltage230 V
Sound level51|51 dB (A)

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