Heat Pump uses a large part (1 until 75%) as an energy source the heat extracted from outside air and the other small part of the energy source used comes from electricity. It allows the heating of the house in winter, cooling in summer, heating of sanitary water and also the heating of swimming pools. Using the heat of the outside air, the system uses much less energy to maintain the desired level of comfort

AQS Heat Pump
  • Heating of sanitary water at a low cost.
  • Deposit of 100L, 200L, 300L and 500L.
  • Can connect with the solar system,
  • Allows ventilation and dehumidification of some rooms
  • .
Heat Pump for Air Conditioning
  • Allows heating/cooling of the housing.
  • Has high levels of efficiency,
  • Can be connected to radiators, ventiloconvectors or underfloor
  • heating.
  • Susple to the heating of hot sanitary waters.
  • Heating of the water of the pools and also with interconnection with solar thermal and photovoltaic systems
Multi-Climate System for Housing

In one machine you can have air conditioning, heating (via radiators, ventiloconvetors or underfloor heating) and sanitary hot water. Solution that allows you to have hot sanitary water all year round, simultaneously with the heating / cooling of the housing. COP (Performance Coefficient) very high. Possibility to interconnect to any solar thermal or photovoltaic system.

Heat Pump

– The General Air Conditioning Solution For Your Housing

Heat Pump Advantages

  1. Allows heating of the environment and sanitary water with very low electricity consumption
  2. Permits Ambient cooling with reduced electricity consumption
  3. Allows interconnection with other air conditioning systems
  4. Soth energy and reduced manutexes compared to other conventional systems

Heat Pump Deserages

  1. Sert Initial Investment compared to other air conditioning solutions

1 – As reported by several heat pump manufacturers whenever the ambient temperature outside is equal to or greater than 7 degrees Celsius the heat pump will have a yield of COP 4, this means that the heat pump will use the 4 kW thermal obtained from the outside environment and consume 1 kW of electricity from there if it can achieve savings of up to 75%.