Ar conditioning is one of the most acquired equipment in recent years, the new ranges on the market, produce a cleaner and purified environment due to the existence of filters that protect the air from viruses and allergenic agents, removing even unpleasant odors. From small domestic and commercial spaces to large buildings, the air conditioning provides comfort temperatures adjustable to the well-being of each user.

Sulate new reversing models are the most efficient and economical because they regulate power/consumption according to the desired temperature.

In the market you will find Monosplit systems which are air conditioning systems that use an outdoor machine for an indoor unit and Multisplit  systems that allow you to acclimatize multiple divisions (various indoor inities) with only one outdoor machine.

Air Conditioning Advantages

  1. Permits Heating and Cooling with reduced electricity consumption
  2. Fast installation and takes up little space in the interiror
  3. Moderate or reduced Initial Investment compared to other air conditioning solutions