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Polyester Chemical Bushing without Styrene 300 ml - PECOL

Polyester Chemical Bushing without Styrene 300 ml - PECOL

Styrene-free Polyester Chemical Bushing with excellent properties for fixing solid and / or hollow substrates, with a fast curing period.
It is a product with two components (resin and hardener), suitable for concrete, stone, perforated brick, rock and stone.
The Polyester Chemical Sleeve was developed for easy application, with high levels of tensile strength.


✓ Economic product
✓ Versatile: suitable for hollow and / or solids
✓ Can be applied using a standard gun for 280ml cartridges
✓ Free of styrene, with little odor
✓ Reduced distance values ​​between applications and the edge
✓ Thixotropic, can be used vertically and horizontally
✓ Easy extrusion and injection
✓ Fast cure

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