Biomass presents itself as an excellent alternative for heating the dwelling. It is a renewable energy source that results from the use of natural biological material, such as wood (firewood) or various forest waste (pellets).

It is a form of cheap, sustainable, ecological energy production that promotes the rural economy, besides contributing to the preservation of forests.

Biomassa - Firewood

Wood was the first source of fuel used by humans and continues to be an excellent alternative to other types of solutions. Currently there are very efficient systems, with high energy yields, low consumption and therefore economic.

Biomas - Pellets

Pellets are cylindrical granules, created from forest and sawmill remnants and compacted and dried for combustion. These pellets allow efficient combustion and provide a high energy yield and heat production. The market is increasingly offering solutions that allow you to use this type of energy source.

Biomass Advantages

  1. Econodic
  2. Leed yield indices
  3. Insurance

Biomass Desuages

  1. Buy and carry this product
  2. Continuously charge the equipment to pellets or firewood
  3. Exiges manuentation and cleaning more often