The underfloor heating is a comfortable and economical way to heat or cool the dwelling. It is economical because the temperature of the fluid used in the system is much lower (between 35 and 45ºC) compared to other traditional systems. It is comfortable because it creates two zones of temperature intensity: one higher at ground level and one slightly lower than head level. The underfloor smoothly distributes the heat in the housing, providing higher temperatures at ground level and slightly below the level of the head, approaching the ideal heating curve.

Underfloor Advantages

  1. Insused to Noise
  2. A major economy because for a partition at 20º it is enough that the temperature of the fluid is between 35º and 45º soon greater savings of electricity, gas, etc
  3. Ecological, because it can be integrated with solar systems and heat pumps
  4. Greater comfort, as the ambient temperature is evenly distributed throughout the room
  5. It does not alter air humidity, burn dust, or create conditions for the development of fungi or bacteria