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Sérgio 13 Aug 0 3742
Heat Pump uses a large part (1 until 75%) as an energy source the heat extracted from outside air and the other small part of the energy source used comes from electricity. It allows the heating of the house in winter, cooling in summer, heating of..
Sérgio 13 Aug 0 3073
Condensing boilers unlike conventional boilers, that allow the combustion gases to go freely into the atmosphere, the condensing boilers take advantage of this heat, transmitting it to the sanitary hot water circuit or the heating circuit resulting..
Sérgio 13 Aug 0 3540
A Solar thermal energy is an excellent choice for hot sanitary waters, and can reduce energy bills by up to 80%.The sun is the largest source of free renewable energy. With reduced investments, the use of solar energy saves up to 80% in the heat..
Sérgio 13 Aug 0 3572
Biomass presents itself as an excellent alternative for heating the dwelling. It is a renewable energy source that results from the use of natural biological material, such as wood (firewood) or various forest waste (pellets).It is a form of chea..
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